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Speeches: Psychology - Sport - Business - Out Of Comfort Zone

Reference Projects: 

Denge ve Konfor Alani, Tegep Konferans, Turkey 

Resilience & Mental well-being, Happier, Healthier, Human Podcast, Germany

How to increase your resilience and leverage the experiences from sports in other areas of life?, Lunex University, Luxenburg

How to come up with the perfect topic for your book?, Happy Self Publishing, India

Out of Comfort Zone, Birmingham University, Investment Society, UK 

Out of Comfort Zone, EY Germany

Balance in Work, Mind and Body, Tegep HR Conference, Turkey

Gratitute, Creative Energy, Jaipuira Institute of Management, India

Work Life Spillover, Pan HR Area Jaipuria Institute, India 

The Power of Feedback, EY Germany

Woman Empowerement, Wovid Diaries, Sweden

The Importance of Feedback, EY Germany 

TV Interviews: 

Business Channel Turk

Fanatik Sport Channel 


Supporting you in your individual & proffessional growth and in your individual transformation journey - from pain to success, from chaos to focus and from negativity to positivity- by blending the science of positive psychology with the theories of transformative learning.

- Do you want to increase your ind. or prof. growth ? 

- Do you want to transform your pain into success, move from chaos to focus and from negativity to positivity?

- Do you want to unlock your own potential and maximize your success?

- Do you want to follow your passion and feel more happiness in what you do?

- Are you aware of your own purpose or try to find it and think about how you can realize your dreams? 

- Do you want to change something in your life and want to overcome your fears or hurdles to move on? 

Let´s book a free clarification call with me! The best time is now! Cant wait to speak with you! 

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Get to know more about Deniz and how she is inspiring others with her journey. She is a World Champion in ice swimming and a record holder, Senior Manager at EY, certified Transformative Coach, Bestselling Author, and Founder of "Out of Comfort Zone". With a whole life experience of breaking limits, she has some incredible stories to share.

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