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Day 2 & 3 in Dover

Day 2 we trained again in the Dover Harbour beach and the water felt for me colder. It was wavy and windy. We became little bit nervous. We completed our shopping afterwards and bought everything what we need to eat during our swim. Many bottles of water, tea, chocolates, sandwiches, painkillers, energy drinks, honey and so on.

In the evening time, the captain said that we need to change our plans:

Day 3 - Today/Tomorrow: Solo Start about 2 am

Saturday night - Sunday morning: relay start about 3-4 am.

After we come to home we saw the Mexican great family. The mother of two great boys, Steffie Gomez Counahan did her solo! She realized her dream. It was so inspiring.

Day 3 Thursday: The solo is starting this night! We will leave our house at 1.15 am. We swam - I had the chance to swim with Nora (First mexican woman, who completed the Ocean Seven) again, afterwards we were shopping again, slept a little bit and after the dinner will try to sleep again for 2 hours and go to the Harbour for the start. It is exciting and makes us of course little bit nervous. We are a great team and are stronger together.

This shared journey is not about just swimming. It‘s more about mental endurance as well as cooperation, supporting each other and being strong as a team.


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