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English Channel Qualifier: 2 Hours under 15 degrees of water temp.

As part of any English Channel swim whether it be a solo or a relay, you will need to meet criteria to successfully register with the relevant Channel Swimming Association Organisation to make your swim attempt. A relay swimmer needs to complete proof of a two hour swim done in water temperature of 15 Celsius and under (no wetsuit allowed, only swim hat, goggles and standard swim suit to the crotch). The solo swimmer has to complete a six hour swim to qualify to swim the English Channel.

Day 1 Achensee, 13-14 degrees: Many swimmers have difficulty finding places to complete their swims safely and suitable people who can verify them. My swim partner Emre Deliveli and I had also difficulties to find a suitable cold water safe place to swim. First we went to Tegernsee but it was already 19 degrees. Than we kept searching and went to Achensee in Austria, which was 50 kms aways from Tegernsee. Achensee was about 13-14 degrees. First I thought "oh my got - its colder than expected, how can I handle this cold and can swim for two hours?". Emre motivated me and we prepared hot carb drinks. Each 30 minutes we stopped shortly and drunk the hot drink, which gave us again power and inner fire.

At the end we swam 120 minutes in this beautiful cold lake between the alps. So happy to had this amazing experience.

Day 2 Königssee, 10-11 degrees: we went to Königssee, which is a natural lake in the extreme southeast of the German state of Bavaria, near the Austrian border.

We swam in the paradise for 62 minutes in 10-11 degrees of cold water. After our swim session, I hadn’t for the first time „the shakes“. This showed me that training is key and with constance training and concentration you can deal the cold and getting stronger both mentally and phsycally. Going out of our comfort zone empowers us to deal challenges better than we ever did. Happy to went in this beautiful place and had the great experience.

The cold is in our mind. We can control our mind and body. Last year, I could not even imagine swimming in 11 degrees water and the last two days I swam for 1 and 2 hours in this freezing water and could handle my mind and body. Believe - Train - Achieve.

Achensee, Austria, June 2019
2 hours swim in Achensee, Austria, June 2019


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