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Extended the inner border: Cold Water Training Camp @ Usedom

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Usedom, is a Baltic sea island, divided since 1945 between Germany and Poland. It is the sunniest region of Germany. This time I was lucky because the sun was shining but the water temperature was about 7 degrees. It was for me the best condition to go again out of my comfort zone and try to extend the duration to stay in the cold water. The more I train the longer i can stay in the cold water. Its great to see the development:

Day 1: I started to run and after that i went directly into the water. It was a real challenge. Because of the run my body was hot and the water was cold. I felt the temp. different more than a normal time. After 6 minutes i couldn´t felt my leg and went out. It was the first time that I was completely alone with no external motivation or support. It was a real mental thougness training but I felt my limit and went out in the right time. Afterwards I felt myself so energized and fullfilled.

Day 2: In the morning time I have run to the Polish side. It took about 60 minutes in total. After the run I had breakfast with my friends and had a rest. I learned from day 1 that it was not good to swim in the cold water with a hot body temperature. In the lunch time I went to the beach. This time with one of my best friend Kristin. She motivated me and said: Think that the sun is warming your body and you are in the middle of summer. She is a psychologist too and tried to give me some mental hints. When I was in the water I didn´t think about all those hints. I just focused myself to swim and didn´t think about other things. I saw her outside as an anchor. She gave me a sign after 10 minutes. I wanted to break my own record and wanted to swim at least 11 minutes. At the end I was 14 minutes in this freezing 7 degrees cold water. It felt so great.


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