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Himalaya's Day 3: Difficulties start to appear

Updated: May 10

Day 3

A day of traveling. The initial plan was to fly from Nepalgunj to Juphal, but we faced a new difficulty: the aircraft was broken, and the airplane had technical issues so that we couldn't take the airway. What could we do? We ended up driving off-road with mountain cars. Don't know which journey is more dangerous, the offroad trip or the mountain hike in high altitude!

They said we were going to travel for 10 hours, but we ended up spending 17 hours on the road. I was exhausted…  

It was tough off-road. Some parts of the road were not convenient for cars, and we also had to go through some rivers with the car. The good news was that we had very good, experienced drivers. In the end, we arrived safely, but we had nowhere to sleep. We wanted to stay in a small bed and breakfast, but we couldn't organize one, so all the sherpas prepared the tents for us, and we had our first tent night sleep.

In other news, the weather conditions are still good, so the challenge with climate hasn't started yet. The real challenge would be to change so quickly from this warm temperature to the mountain's extreme cold. So, our first night in the tent was warm and cozy, and it worked as a training day for what must come. We still had toilets, hot showers, and a hot temperature outside, so, in a way, we are still in our comfort zone, even though we already have had some challenges that got our bodies pretty tired.

Tomorrow, we will start with a seven-hour hike in the mountains. At the moment, we are at a 2000-meter altitude; tomorrow, we will be at a 3000-meter altitude. We already started with Diamox -high altitude sickness prevention pills- to get our body ready. Today is a resting day as we are still organizing and buying some missing stuff like batteries and sim cards to get extra gigabytes. We don't know how long we will have a phone connection, but we will try our best to stay connected with the world.


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