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Interview with Tariq Mejjak about out out of the comfort zone

Today we swam together in the cold water. Tariq is a passioned swim trainer in Hilton Fitness First Frankfurt and today it was his first time to swim with me without wet suit. We were little bit nervous before our cold immersion but as I said before: Together you are stronger! Tariq swam about 3 minutes and I about 10 minutes. In the beginning it was freezing, I couldn't breath and had a little short shock moment. Afterwards it was ok and I could stay a bit longer than before. For Tariq the shock moment went few minutes later and he decided to went out earlier. Step by step we feel the progress and the more you go out of your comfort zone the more you expand your growth zone.

You will find more about our swim session and Tariq thoughts in the interview. Check it out:

We spoke about the success factory of out of our comfort zone, about the first steps 1) Breathing 2) Focusing and about the importance of motivating each other sharing the pain to gain the energy and use that for other areas in live - family, business, friend:


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