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Never give up - Out of comfort zone

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

I had a bike accident at the end of September: I collided with another bike and fell down hard. Luckily, nothing seemed to be broken. I went to the emergency room and had some stitches on my right foot- and everything seemed fine.... Six weeks later, I visited my friend at the island Usedom and decided to log a run. I ran from Usedom to Poland, and the pain was really strong afterwards, I recognized that something was still wrong with my foot. But right after the running session, I was in 8 degrees of cold water and forgot the pain on my foot.

When I went back home, I decided to go to a doctor. Fast forward a few weeks, an MR revealed that a bone in my foot was "pierced" and it seems there is a foreign object in my foot, even though the doctors are not sure what it is- may be plastic or wooden. You cant believe how strange it is to know that you have something in your bone and nobody can identify what it is. The doctors say that I need an operation and it should be removed. On the other hand, they cant guarantee to find the foreign object.

At first, I was devastated by the news, as the operation would mean that I would miss the Oceanman World Championships in Mexico mid-December. I had qualified for the event in May in Alanya, Turkey after becoming third overall in women (first in age category, first among Turks) in the 10K race.

I decided to postpone the operation and not give up: I talked to the doctors, and it seems there is little risk in postponing the operation. There is a risk of infection, but I hope that my foot will be fine until Mexico; I am still training despite chronic pains in my foot. Even then, I remind myself to be strong and never to give up and keep smiling. It's hard to motivate yourself in these kinds of situations. Living with the risk, with the pain. Some people may think: Why are you doing this, is it really worth it?

I think, YES. I am still following my passion, hope all will work out well, and in the end I will have a healthy foot again. I am hoping for great experiences in my heart and mind after the World Championship. I don´t know what the results will be, but it doesn´t matter. What matters is that I am in this journey with so many great people from all over the world.

Never give up and believe in yourself, keep smiling and show the courage to go your way.


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