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Would you like to unlock your potential and go the further next step in your private or proffessional life? Would you like to face your fears and explore your own potential? Do you have the feeling that you can do better and feel some inner blockages?
I am here to support you in your journey in - and out of your comfort zone.

My key focus areas:

- Leadership coaching

- Life coaching

- Out of comfort zone coaching 

- Career - competency coaching 



Inspirational Speeches in three languages: English, German, Turkish

Key focus topics:

- Out of Comfort Zone

- Increase your Resilience

-Increase your Endurance

- Facing fears and unlocking potential

- Change Management and Transformation

- Human Psychology and growth

- Talent Management 

- Future of work and jobs 



Exciting two days in which you can explore yourself in a different way, unlock your potential, benefit from peer coaching and get further inspiration though immersive out of comfort zone experiences and coaching sessions. 

Enjoy the methodology mix of those unique two days:

- Out of Comfort Zone mental and physical exercises (e.g. cold water immersion, paragliding) 

- Group coaching

- Peer coaching

- Inspirational speeches

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Speeches: Psychology - Sport - Business - Out Of Comfort Zone

Reference Projects: 

Denge ve Konfor Alani, Tegep Konferans, Turkey 

Resilience & Mental well-being, Happier, Healthier, Human Podcast, Germany

How to increase your resilience and leverage the experiences from sports in other areas of life?, Lunex University, Luxenburg

How to come up with the perfect topic for your book?, Happy Self Publishing, India

Out of Comfort Zone, Birmingham University, Investment Society, UK 

Out of Comfort Zone, EY Germany

Balance in Work, Mind and Body, Tegep HR Conference, Turkey

Gratitute, Creative Energy, Jaipuira Institute of Management, India

Work Life Spillover, Pan HR Area Jaipuria Institute, India 

The Power of Feedback, EY Germany

Woman Empowerement, Wovid Diaries, Sweden

The Importance of Feedback, EY Germany 

TV Interviews: 

Business Channel Turk

Fanatik Sport Channel 


Supporting you in your individual & proffessional growth and in your individual transformation journey - from pain to success, from chaos to focus and from negativity to positivity- by blending the science of positive psychology with the theories of transformative learning.

- Do you want to increase your ind. or prof. growth ? 

- Do you want to transform your pain into success, move from chaos to focus and from negativity to positivity?

- Do you want to unlock your own potential and maximize your success?

- Do you want to follow your passion and feel more happiness in what you do?

- Are you aware of your own purpose or try to find it and think about how you can realize your dreams? 

- Do you want to change something in your life and want to overcome your fears or hurdles to move on? 

Let´s book a free clarification call with me! The best time is now! Cant wait to speak with you! 

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2 days of full inspiration and immersive experiences

Amazing 2 days now have more clarity, more self confidence and happy to stepped out of my comfort zone..


The moment where you really feel seen, heart and supported..

I had a great coaching experience with Deniz as my coach! 
When you are talking to her you really feel seen and heard.
The biggest advantage was that after the sessions things were
much clearer in my mind. I actually had find a direction to go, like a roadmap.
Deniz is very good at listening to you and picking the right words, wrapping them up and providing you your thoughts in a structured manner. So she actually gives you a roadmap which is very valuabe! I also love Deniz' energy, she has a spiritual side and we connected immediately. It makes the whole coaching a safe and secur place to be.
I would definitely recommend Deniz because she brings structure into the chaos
and supports you in a gentle way. Many thanks Deniz for the great support! I feel much more empowered now and am reading to step out of my comfort zone!


Deniz is a great inspiring coach, supported me to become a better version of myself!

I began my transformation journey with Deniz at the end of Summer. For a while I had been dealing with a number of issues in my personal and professional lives that threw me out of balance. I had trouble sleeping and staying focused, I was not as productive and efficient as I used to be in the beginning of my academic career. The Covid pandemic took its toll on my mental health, confidence, motivation, drive, and passion for adventure and new experiences. Out of my fears I created a cage that I conveniently labelled ‘a safe space’ in order to avoid future disappointment and failure. During our sessions Deniz helped me recognize and address my inner saboteurs, provided recommendations and actionable advice that eventually got me out of my comfort zone. I am incredibly grateful to her for providing full support during the two months of our coaching sessions (in particular, I was sexually harassed and assaulted at least twice; I was also rejected by close friends and colleagues for choosing my own path – what was best for me). Deniz helped me look at tough situations from a different perspective, showed me ways how to get stronger, learn and grow from negative experiences! Most importantly, Deniz practices what she preaches. She is a highly ethical, supportive, kind, and inspiring person. I recommend coaching sessions with her to all, who want to become better versions of themselves!


Deniz is a great coach! The coaching sessions helped me to reduce my stress and increase my creativity level

Deniz is a great coach. Instead of directly telling me what to do as an outsider and making it look like there are simple solutions to my problems, she was guiding me very professionally and helping me to explore myself to find out what the real issues behind my struggles are. In the sessions, she created an atmosphere in which I felt comfortable to open up and gave me the feeling that she understands me and what I am talking about.

I started the sessions with Deniz because I felt stuck and unhappy with my life, almost depressed. I was not sure what the real problem was and what to change first and how.

After my sessions with Deniz, I felt relieved and full of new realizations. On the next day, I was able to put the new ideas we figured out together in practice and felt happier and stronger than before.

I can recommend Deniz and her methodology 100% to anyone who is not satisfied with anything in their life and looking for a little help to change and become better. 


Deniz Kayadelen - the most inspiring woman, I have ever met!

Deniz is a great motivator, transformative coach and the most inspiring woman I have ever met! Her crazy achievements and endurance, inspired me to go out of my comfort zone. Deniz coached me to try something which I think I wouldn't  capable of. With her great guidance and support, I could face my fears and could bring my mind and body to the next level. I made something which I think i never would do.  I was always afraid of deep open water and didn't like the currents. Deniz prepared me both mental and physically and i could swim 1 km from the coast to an island. After this amazing experience and with all the sessions I transformed my body and mind and feel the power also in other parts of my life. We are more than we think! Thank you Deniz! Definitely recommend this combination of coaching and physical dimension to everyone who would like to achieve the next level in their life and feel the magic.


What a unique experience. Thank you Deniz!

Coaching was completely new for me and i was curious about the effect. When I started to speak with Deniz, i explored topics on which i would like to work on. It was a huge success and unique experience. Deniz asked so great questions, she was on the point, could really uncover the gap in my mind and enabled me to find a way as well as creating my individual roadmap. It was not an easy process. I was not used to ask those kind of deeper questions for myself and the impact of our coaching session stayed for few days. Now, i gained clarity about my own journey. I believe that coaching can also touch your heart and life in a positive way. Thank you so much Deniz!


Amazing Out of Comfort Zone Experience!

After a beautiful morning run with Deniz in mid June we went for a swim in a meltwater lake in the French alps. 
With no control whatsoever I ran straight into the water, up to my waist. It was freezing, my legs started to shout out to me. The cold was absolutely agony. My body and my mind were both convinced that I just needed to get out, and to get out now. 
I’m an incredibly stubborn person and very rarely will I allow my mind to be changed. Before I had the chance to run out. Deniz held my arm and told me to breath. After what felt like only a few moments of focusing on my breathing my pulse had dropped and the pain in my legs had disappeared. Before I  knew it I was comfortably swimming in the 12 degree pool. 
Deniz has a wonderful manner and ability to allow you to change your mind and realise the power of breathing and patience.


Group Coaching - A growth journey of group level with Deniz Kayadelen

Deniz is a very great personality and coach. A person who really lives the phrase "Out of Comfort Zone".
I have known Deniz for several years and even when I didn't have her as a coach, I was very excited about what she accomplishes. I was almost proud to know her.
Through group coaching we covered topics that went from sports, stress management to professional issues. Through the perspectives of the other participants and Deniz coaching guidance, we grew step by step and transformed our way of thinking. Big thank you Deniz!

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