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2023's Top 10 Influential Women Shaping Our World

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Deniz Kayadelen one of the top ten influential women 2023
NYC top 10 influential women

"In the ever-evolving landscape of global leadership and empowerment, women continue to rise as formidable forces driving change, innovation, and progress. As we step into the year 2023, the world witnesses a remarkable assembly of influential women who are making their mark across various fields, shattering ceilings and redefining possibilities. These trailblazers serve as beacons of inspiration for generations to come, showcasing the immense power and potential of women’s contributions. From technology to politics, art to science, and beyond, the top 10 influential women of 2023 stand tall, proving that gender is no barrier to achieving greatness and leaving an indelible imprint on society".

This is the beginning of the article written by NYC Journal Magazine mentioning the Top 10 most influential women in 2023. I'm happy and honored to be recognized as one of them, and I want to take a moment to reflect on women's empowerment.

Recognize your potential

As women, it's important to recognize our potential to influence society positively. For me, it is essential to keep going out of my comfort zone and breaking my limitations because each time I do that, I'm proving to myself that I can go further and be more than I think. And not only myself but also showing the world that women can go beyond what is expected. Every little action of transformation in us would contribute to the change of the world and hopefully inspire other women to overcome their limits.

Embrace your possibilities and dream big

So, woman, I can tell you: You are more than you think. You are the author of your own story, so start writing it boldly. Don't let anyone else decide your narrative. Be bold in your choices, dreams, and aspirations. Dream big and go out of your comfort zone to make those dreams come true. In that way, we can participate actively in making better our changing world.

Believe in yourself

Be determined. You have the power to achieve greatness. The journey you navigate will shape you and serve as a guideline for other women seeking empowerment. Embrace the transformative power of your actions and go for your dreams. You can be an inspiration for many more women, creating a world where greatness is attainable for all.

As the article of NYC says at the end:

"In a world hungry for transformation and equality, the top 10 influential women of 2023 are catalysts for change and exemplars of what’s achievable when determination, vision, and resilience converge. As we celebrate their accomplishments, we recognize that their influence reaches far beyond their individual achievements; it extends to the very fabric of our collective aspirations. The stories of these extraordinary women remind us that the journey towards a more inclusive and progressive world is an ongoing endeavor, one where barriers are dismantled, glass ceilings shattered, and new pathways forged. With their names etched into the annals of history, these women not only inspire the present generation but also illuminate a brighter, more equitable tomorrow for all."

I'll tell you, together, we are unstoppable. Let's continue to uplift and empower one another, unlocking potential in - and out of our comfort zone and positively impacting the world. Together, we can break down barriers and achieve remarkable feats. Let's celebrate each other's successes, offer encouragement, and be a source of empowerment. When women stand together, there's nothing we can't accomplish.

You can read the entire note of the NYC Journal on the link below:


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