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New Collaboration Partner: Adalvo

I am excited to announce my new collaboration with Adalvo.

Adalvo is a global pharmaceutical company with a declared purpose to make a difference for patients around the world driven by its collaboration network and commitment to deliver the highest quality differentiated products and services. It is fueled by the passion for relentless commitment to the partners it serves.

Adalvo meaning: Ad means towards in Latin. Alvo means target or goal and outstanding.

The name itself expresses the company's values, always striving for excellence in different ways:

  • Giving the best quality of products.

  • Taking care of its employees.

  • Working to have a sustainability impact in the community.

We can find many share goals as we share the passion for going beyond our limits to make dreams come true and inspire others.

So, we start this collaboration with our shared motto: #alwaysontarget and look forward to the exciting possibilities ahead as we embark on this journey together. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting initiatives and projects we will launch soon!


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