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6 hours in 18 degrees cold water

We swam in Marmaris 6 hours as a preparation. It was painful because I swam with my injured foot and had pain in my legs and it was cold. The outside temp. was 14 degrees. Not just the physcal part, the mental part was also challenging especially after 3 hours i just wanted go out and dreamed of a hot shower and food. You are swimming and swimming for hours and its really hard to stay motivated. In this kind of swims its really important to have a coach and a team with you, whom you trust and can stay motivated. Also the feeding is important. Kamil Resa Alsaran, our coach gave us every one hour a hot carb. drink to keep us warm and energized. Also he show us the swim direction. The team motivated us, took care of us and this feeling gave us more strength to continue and not to give up. This swim was a great starting point for our next challenge "20 Bridges Swim" in New York. This is just the beginning of the journey. More swims, more trainings should be done in order to face this challenge successfully out of the comfort zone in 19th August, 2020 with Yasemin Bagana, Emre Deliveli and our coach Kamil Resa Alsaran.


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