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Benefits Of Sports In Corporate Life

Updated: May 3, 2021

Watch this session with Lunex university. We spoke about the benefits of sports, how to increase the resilience with challenges and much more!

With sport I learned the time management, I learned to be more resilient, learned teamwork, collaboration and much more. Swimming is helping me to dealing with hard times especially now..

  1. Endurance: First of all, I have the endurance to do things, even if I am getting tired. The same in sports or corporate life. The real competition, or the real game, starts when you feel tired. The strong one wins at the end of the game. Getting tired doing things is completely normal; we are all human beings. The question is how you deal with this feeling and push your limits despite hurdles. I learned to overcome the hurdles and push my limits and expand my inner strength both physically and mentally. No matter how tired you are, there is always a hidden power in you to continue even more strongly in the last meters of your challenge.

  2. Resilience: Second, I became more resilient because I have learned not only to win but also to lose and deal with being less successful. I have become a fighter. I fight against my limits and try to be better without giving up. The more I have worked hard and become better, the more I have gained confidence in all areas of my life. The more I feel pain, and overcome it, the more I learn to control my mind and body and try to see an opportunity in the situation. Your thoughts shape your performance. Your strongest asset is your brain and mental health, which define your resilience.

  3. Collaboration – Teamwork: Third, many people think that swimming is an individual sport, but with swimming, I have also learned collaboration, training together, supporting each other, even if you are competitors. Your success, even in an individual sport, is still the result of an overall ecosystem. Without this ecosystem, you can’t be successful. My family, my trainer, and my friends all supported me to the fullest mentally. You always need supporters in life and also people who challenge you and who give you feedback. Without the feedback of my trainers, I wouldn’t have had the perfect technique for both pool and open water swimming. Without the mental challenge of my mom, I wouldn’t have had the courage to keep going, and without the support of my friends, I wouldn’t have felt part of a team, belonging to something bigger.

  4. Mind and Body Control: Swimming also taught me to know and control my mind and body.Without knowing your body and thought process, you can’t be successful and lead others, especially in business, and you can’t cultivate your strengths and the potential of others. In every training and challenging race, I experienced my body and my thought process. I learned how to maximize my efficiency and use external or internal sources. In the past, before every championship, I felt so nervous that I would get ill a few days before the race. I usually even had a fever before a big race. I was mentally so nervous that my body got sick. With time, I got to know my strengths, and I also got to know where I need external support to maximize my success and cultivate my potential. Now, I am not getting ill before a race and can control my nervousness and try to use these emotions to maximize my success and turn it into concentration, willingness to succeed, and focus.

  5. Time Management & Planning: Many people still can’t believe that I can keep my swim performance in races and train regularly despite my busy consulting job. But you can do many things if you have the right time management and if you arefollowing the right priorities in a disciplined way. Time management requires discipline and efficiency. Through swimming, I learned to be efficient, to have a sense and feeling of time, especially in sprint races, every second, even millisecond matters. I know the importance of time and distribute my hours per day and the days per week, based on my priorities. I learned to be disciplined, to follow my schedule strictly; otherwise, the planned schedule is not possible to follow. There are always distractions in life. Even our inner voices distract us and hold us from doing things, as we just want to sit and do nothing. At this point, the inner discipline and time management help you to go forward despite hurdles.

  6. Growth mindset & Achievement Orientation: In every training session, I want to be better and beat my own best time. I want to achieve better results all the time. That’s the main aim of my training. I want to improve my technique, my mindset, my time, and my endurance. That’s the goal of training. I don’t compete primarily with others; I compete with myself. My training efforts give me a growth mindset, with the aim to be better. I know what I could do in the past, but I don’t know what I am capable of in the future. Based on the goals, I try to improve personally, break my own limits, and demonstrate a growth mindset, which help me in my corporate life as well.

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