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Challenge accepted: Swimming on the Himalayas, here we go!

Amazing news! I'm so excited and honored to announce that I have been invited to join an incredible mission!

On the 19th of this month, I will be part of a team of seven people ascending the Himalayas to confirm the existence of the new highest lake on Earth, discovered by Nepalese sherpas at 6400m on peak Putha Hiunchuli. The objective is to swim in it and break a world record! With this feat, we aim to increase awareness of the critical climate change situation as new lakes continue to appear at the highest altitudes.

Our diverse team, including swimmers, medical personnel, and cameramen, will embark on this 16- to 18-day journey. Although many of us lack mountaineering experience, like in my case, we believe that when we want something and are willing to work for it, together, we can make magic happen.

I've been intensively training for this last month and am ready for the new challenge. Stay tuned and join me on my journey to a new adventure. Here we go, the Himalayas!

Check all the details about the mission here!


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