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Days 9, 10, 11 & 12 - Heading to higher camps: 5600m altitude

👉*This post is published by Team Out of Comfort Zone DK. Deniz is still without an internet connection in the Himalayas.

Day 9

💎Altitude: 4500m

💎Time hiking: 9 hours

Hiking at 4000m altitude got really challenging, with an ascent of 200m and the adrenaline of walking through the cliffs with mountains on the right and left. It’s easier to get exhausted and have more difficulty breathing at this altitude, and they have to take short breaks more frequently. They arrived at the base camp at 4500, which was very windy and difficult to prepare the tents, but in the end, they could manage to warm up and rest. ⛺

Being mindful, maintaining a slow, and steady pace is needed to keep going. They are exploring untouched territory out of their comfort zone, step by step, like pioneers.

Day 10

💎Altitude: 4830m

💎Time hiking: 10 hours

They started early to hike to Base Camp at 4830 meters. The route is easier but still challenging due to decreasing oxygen levels. Arriving at Base Camp, they face extremely cold and windy conditions, testing their physical and mental resilience.

Day 11

It was a rest day at Base Camp, allowing for equipment checks and climbing exercises. They prepare for the next day's ascent, emphasizing gradual acclimatization.

The team is really great, and everyone is supporting each other. When someone gets exhausted, others help and motivate. Despite the difficulties, they are in high spirits, which makes them continue with small steps for their big mission. 🤩

Day 12

Today, day 12, they are going to camp 1, up to 5600m. 🥶🗻


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