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Ice Swim Certification Programme

So happy to be the official ambassador of the Swiss Cold Water Training Association and part of the Swiss Ice Swim Expert certification programme, which will start on the 22th of January.

You’ve been enjoying cold trainings for a while and would like to share the experience with others. But as a responsible person, you know about the risks and want to minimize them.

That’s where an SCTA certification will be helpful.

Whats in it for you?

  • The science of cold exposure

  • Practical experience with exposure to cold air, cold gas and cold water

  • The inherent risks and contraindications

  • Necessary safety measures

  • Different methods and philosophies of cold exposure and their pros and cons

  • How to coach people and provide a joyful experience

  • How to increase fitness and well-being through cold immersion

  • Group dynamics and group leadership

  • How to develop as a coach

  • How to integrate cold training in your practice as a trainer, physiotherapist, etc.

  • How to market your services and grow your business

The certification program has been designed based on the current scientific knowledge and will be regularly updated to incorporate new findings. The certification program is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in this dynamic field. Certified instructors are expected to stay up to date with the latest insights to keep their certification valid. Click here to get access to the coursprogram.

Trainer Team below:

You can find details here:

SCTA Ausbildungsprogramm 2023
Download PDF • 2.36MB


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