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🎯 If your goal doesn't scare you, it isn't big enough

⏳ The countdown for my English Channel solo swim started. Weather conditions for now don’t look good unfortunately. This is part of the challenge. You need to let go, accept the unknown and stay focused. It may be an unnerving experience, but I try to stay calm and #alwaysontarget.

This situation of waiting for the swim without knowing when and if it happens called "Dovercoaster" - The emotional rollercoaster - waiting with hope for better weather..

Always checking this website and hope for blue colour which means less wind and good conditions for swimming:

Luckily my support system is here and I can share this journey with them: @kralsaran @ayseyaseminbagana @deliveliemre and the ARD German TV producing team will prepare a documentary movie about cold water immersion and sharing my journey so far.

🎬The documentary movie of the cold water journey will be published in the early 2024.

What I am learning now: Keep calm and wait.. #alwaysontarget

Its incredible when I think how far I became compared to few years ago: I am about to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams: swimming solo for 35 kilometers from England to France in freezing waters, stepping into the unknown. 🌊

For years, for months, I have dedicated myself to training my mind and body in my free time: early in the mornings, after work, evenings and all my holidays and weekends.

I have sought out increasingly colder waters to acclimate my body to the cold. ❄️ I have swum for longer durations to build endurance and learn how to navigate through negativity, boredom, and fatigue.

I also needed to deal with people who partially understood / supported me and partially not. It has been an incredible learning journey so far.

Big thank you to Adalvo my main collaboration partner and also for the nutrition support to Fitline!

Thank you for all who understood me, supported and motivated me

in this journey! Growing together🙏


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