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Winter Camp In Turkey

With Emre Deliveli we had a great challenging winter camp.

Day 1: Marmaris, Egean Sea, Water temperature was 14 degree

We swam without wet suit for 45 minutes. It was really challenging. We thought that the water temperature was 17-18 and was shocked when we sow it is just 14 degree, which is really unusual for this area. We motivated each other and swam in this freezing water. Afterwars it took half an hour time to getting normal. The shakes were there and after of this kind of cold immersion it is important not to go directly in the hot shower. You need to take time for your body to acclimatize by itself but I couldn't wait and had the hot shower.

Day 2: Selimiye, Egean Sea, Water temperature was 17 degree

After the first day my body and my mind felt really tired. If your body is not used to this kind of cold water it is a real pressure for your body. We went to Selimiye eat something first. It was cold and rainy. It was hard to get the motivation again to swim in this cold water. We motivated each other and took this picture below before we started. After 15 minutes swim I had the feeling that we had about half an hour. I asked Emre about the time and he Sait 15 minutes. I thought it was a joke. Oh my god only 15 minutes and I am freezing already, my body tries to be fast in this cold and wavy water. I tried to push myself and tried to watch the nice mountains of Selimiye while I breath left and right. At the end we swam 60 minutes in the water. Afterwards I was done but happy to be longer in the water than Day 1.

Day 3: Datca, Egean Sea, Water temperature was 17 degree

Datca, my favorite place in the world. The place where I feel peace, the nature and can hear my inner voice at maximum level. Datca is the place where I started with open water swim 20 years ago. Its the place where I started to meditate and push my body and mind to go out of my comfort zone. Its hard to explain this place gives you a natural strangeness. We swam 70 minutes in this amazing water from one island to another island and back. Watch the video for more.


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