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World Record Achieved! Highest ice swim on Earth!

Survived and Still Alive!!

We've set a New Guinness World Record!

What an immense challenge! Many doubted, calling it crazy, even impossible... But we've proven that impossible is nothing!! Pushing beyond our comfort zones, we've created magic out of comfort zone @madswimmer

This journey has been truly transformative. Every step tested us, pushing us further from our comfort zone. From the unexpected shift from flying to embarking on a wild 17-hour jeep ride, to the final battle against extreme cold, oxygen deprivation, sleeping on rocky, icy terrain, and enduring exhaustion with minimal food and no hot water. Reaching our goal, swimming in ice water, felt like a triumph as our pain and struggles transformed into happiness and satisfaction.

While this experience changed us, our hope is that it will also inspire change in the world. Our mission aimed to spark discussions about climate change and raise awareness of the urgent need for action. Initially, we expected to find water at 6,405 meters on Putha Hiunchuli based on reports from Sherpas. However, the absence of water at that height indicates there's still hope for combating climate change. Yet, our journey revealed signs of climate change, such as running water at 5000 meters demonstrating the seriousness of the issue; we must act quickly as the planet warms and nature transforms.

To break the world record for the highest swim on Earth, we carved out a swimming hole in the ice and melted ice in large drums to preserve liquid water overnight. The hole was covered with a tent canvas to prevent refreezing. The next morning, we uncovered the hole, filled it with the preserved water, and took turns swimming in it for about three minutes each wearing only a Speedo. The water was freezing 3.7 degrees Celsius, with an outside temperature of -6 degrees. 

During this journey, we covered approximately 140 kilometers on foot, we trekked across diverse terrains from April 22 to May 10th. A truly out-of-comfort-zone experience for the team, as almost everyone didn’t have mountaineering experience. 

Glad to be back, and absolutely thankful for all your love, wishes, prayers, and good energy, they helped all the way up 💙

And remember, if you want to achieve extraordinary, that will never happen inside your comfort zone! You have the possibility inside you, you only need to create the path to reach it! 

Here you can still donate:

All funds from this swim will aid the following children’s charities: 

  • Universitas Academic Hospital Oncology Unit for Teens and Adoloscents

  • Red Cross Childrens Hospital

Please support to make a difference in these children’s lives here: 


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