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5 Minutes in 3 degrees water in Berlin

Despite my tired body and hard working week I wanted to challenge myself again and wanted to stay longer in the ice water than my previous swim. My friends motivated me and waited for me outside. When I felt the water it felt freezing. I tried to control my mind and my breath. It was hard to go step by step into the water. I felt i cant do that and wanted to go back to my friends. But my other voice said" come on, you are almost in and just do it". I kept breathing and started to swim. It took one minute to acclimatize my body in the cold water but after one minute i felt so great and could stay further 4 minutes. I felt so strong and happy. So many thinks starts and ends in our mind. After the swim we walked ten minutes to the car and I concentrate myself to not have the shakes and activate my inner fire.


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