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“Always on target” Inspired by Adalvo`s motto

'This focus on always being on target has been inspired to me by Adalvo, a B2B pharmaceutical company.

Adalvo takes a unique and customized approach, challenging the status quo to drive success for their partners. They pride themselves on playing for the high score and being on target in everything they do. Together, Adalvo and I embody the spirit of always being on target, driven by a shared purpose to excel. By embracing the pillars of setting targets, prioritizing goals, embracing failure as an opportunity, and staying true to ourselves, we can collectively navigate the challenges, achieve greatness, and create a brighter future.'

A life without a target in mind is a life without a purpose. It's difficult to fight for something if you don't know what you're fighting for. Without setting goals, you lack direction, and without passion for your goals, you lack the motivation to persevere. Allow me to share how I live my life always on target, guided by a goal that consistently gives me direction: to become the best version of myself.

I continuously strive to improve myself in sports, business, and private life. This commitment helps me achieve other goals as they express my desire to be my best version. This type of goal allows me to expand and grow further, as achieving new levels of performance uncovers new capabilities within me that will let me go a little bit further. So, I use that to continue growing.

In business, my focus is on learning new things, making a meaningful impact, fostering growth, and enabling others to grow.

In sports, my aim is to be more resilient, enhancing my endurance and speed to win the game.

And in my private life, I consistently seek personal growth, self-reflection, and a deeper understanding of myself, my needs, and the way I operate, as well as the world around me. I maintain a common theme throughout these three areas: staying true to myself and persevering, regardless of circumstances.

Along the journey toward my objectives, I've realized that I need to work extensively on my mindset, not just my physical and mental abilities. In everything we do, mindset accounts for more than 60% of what enables us to achieve our goals. It's essential to regularly assess our belief system and identify any limiting beliefs that hinder our personal growth. We need to also approach failures and obstacles as opportunities for growth rather than impediments.

Another vital lesson I've learned is the importance of dealing with frustration and delaying gratification in order to reach objectives. Psychologists refer to this personality trait, and we can develop these characteristics, as "GRIT" which is considered a strong predictor of individual success. Grit entails the passion and perseverance to work towards a goal without letting setbacks disappoint you. It involves self-regulation and postponing the need for immediate positive reinforcement while diligently working towards a task, aiming for a greater achievement beyond instant gratification. This way of being is integral to how we navigate life and its challenges. For example when I am focused on an objective, I persist despite others' opinions or the obstacles I encounter. If I fall, I get up, learn from my mistakes, and keep trying. I try to always stay true to myself and my objectives because I know they will lead me to be the better version of myself.

Reflecting on all of this, I can identify four pillars that guide my life in sports and business, which are crucial to consider when aspiring for greatness:

  1. Always hold a target in your mind that aligns with your passion.

  2. Learn to prioritize and make choices based on your target, diligently working towards it without distractions and postponing instant gratification.

  3. Learn to cope with frustration and view every failure as an opportunity for growth. Lose your fear of failure.

  4. Rely on your inner compass. Stay true to yourself and maintain focus, regardless of the circumstances.

Finally, it's important to remember that we are the benchmark, and the external world serves to inspire, push, and motivate us. However, the most important aspect is to rely on your inner compass. No matter what happens, stay true to yourself, remain focused, and persevere. Always on target means to keep going even when the road gets bumpy because, after all, who said it would be easy?


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