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Deniz Kayadelen World Champion!

🏆This is MAGİC!! Thank you for all your positive vibes!

🏆Can’t believe that I became World Champion in 500m with 8.01 min in my age category!! Water temp was 3 degrees freezing.. I felt the cold in all my cells and my mind told me after 4 minutes “your heart will stop-go out”..

🏆 Out of comfort zone magic can happen! So happy, exhausted and grateful🙏 All my efforts, mental physical preparation and spiritual journey are proofs of this moment.. We all can create those moments, where you can unlock your potential. Wish u lots of inspiration and magical moments! ❤️🙏

What an amazing event and a unique ice experience..🥶❄️ Thank you for your lovely messages and big thanks to Ram Barkai for this great event and to 300 swimmers from 30 countries!

🥶15 years ago, my cold water journey started with hypothermia in 17 degrees of water. I hated cold water and loved hot showers.. ❄️3 years ago, started with cold water trainings and Wim Hof breathing technique for my English Channel and North Channel relays despite my massive fear of cold water. My life changed with the cold - I learned to control my mind and body and get more focus. 🦈 2 years ago, decided to swim from Robben Island to Cape Town despite my fear of sharks and swam in cold Atlantic waters for almost two hours. Started also with meditation to manage my fears and attain body, mind and soul control. ❄️ 1 year ago, couldn’t even imagine I could stay for more than 3 minutes in ice water. Was inspired from others, took small challenges for myself and started with proper training 3 months ago in Zürich lake. 🥶The last three days, joined 5 races in the IISA World Championship 2022, and Today flying back with 3 Gold and 2 Silver medals.

Summary of those days - Water temp 3.2 degrees cold pool 25m ; 🏆500m Freestyle Gold 🏆250m Freestyle Gold 🥈100 Freestyle Silver 🥈50 Freestyle Silver 🏆50 Butterfly Gold 💙Friendship with world class people who demonstrated true resilience and power🙏 💫Inspiration for the journey ahead: The imagination is the limit. Despite your fears and inner blockages, go for your dream, follow your passion, work hard, take time for your mindful regeneration and believe in yourself! Even when your mind tells you something different and your emotions come up with fear. You are more than you think, and you will be surprised to see of what you are really capable of!

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