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Embrace Your Essence: Insights from a Transformative Leadership Retreat

Updated: Apr 3

Happy Easter, everyone!

This weekend, I took some "Me Time" and went to a great leadership retreat called "Embrace Your Essence" near Barcelona at an amazing Pharm House facilitated by Teresa Carvi and Alsu Kashapova. We had a wonderful time in nature and learned much about our shadows and shiny sides. I also had the pleasure of facilitating an ice-water immersion session with meditation and breathwork with the holistic transformative therapist Alsu Kashapova. 

I want to share some of my learnings with this retreat:

1. Get stronger with your vulnerabilities by showing them. Remember that no one is perfect, and we all have our shadows. It's important to recognize them. The more authentic and vulnerable you can be, the more people will open up themselves, and the connection will be much deeper!

2. Find and live your true essence—Often, we have so many layers that we don't even know our true essence. Take time to find space to reflect on your values, needs, shadow vulnerabilities, and sunny sides. Without the sun, there is no shadow.

3. Reflect on where you want to be in 5 years, how you would like to feel, and with which values. What kind of story would you like to tell your friends or family in 5 years?

4. Open your heart and feel the energy—Where do we get the energy for everything we do? You get it from your purpose and the meaning you give to what you do. The essence is love, so the more we open our hearts, the more we open up to possibilities and opportunities in our lives. Even in our corporate world, we can achieve much more by being authentic and opening our hearts.

5. Use your body and breathwork - It's the first time I used breathwork techniques outside the Wim Hof methodology. We can use breathwork to release stress and tension and to cleanse our energies. It's a powerful tool that we have with us all the time!

6. Embrace the power of ice water—Learn to feel comfortable in discomfort. Nothing can stop you if you can overcome your limiting beliefs, embrace the pain, and even enjoy it. It was great to see and feel the transformation of all the participants.

7. Be aware of your gifts and be open to sharing them. Also, be open to receiving gifts from others. Every human being brings something unique, and it's great to embrace diversity.

8. The universe has our back. Things are not happening to you; they're happening for you. Even if things do not work out as you plan, don't worry. The universe provides what you need, and in the end, everything makes sense.

And if you are interested in cold water immersion and having an Out of Comfort Zone transformational experience, this year we'll be having more Bootcamps! If you want to join, apply here to be on our waiting list!

Ice water challenge💎

Accept and love yourself how you are ♥︎


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