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Ice Swimming with Bikini in Munich

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I heard so many times from friends who did ice-swimming. For me it was unbelievable to go this step. I tried it first with neoprene / wet-suit. This weekend I was in Munich and I animated my friend Theresa Herbig as well to do this challenge in Eisbach, which is a famous place for surfing. We made it! The weather and water temperature was 3 degrees and I was 3 minutes in this cold water. First we walked little bit in and than I tried to swim for two minutes. It was an amazing feeling. I had fear because of the symptoms of my body. There were new for me and its hard to decide the moment to stop the cold immersion. But with those kind of small steps, I think everybody is able to explore their own limits and go beyond those and make the individual growth both physically and mentally. Friendship and support is also so important in this journey. Alone its really hard to do this kind of activities. So thankful to have those kind ofexperiences with new and old friends and sharing the journey.


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