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Inspirational Chat with Adam Ocean Walker

Adam Walker, the King of the Ocean, is well-known not only in the swimming community, but also to the more general public, for his Oceans Seven and other swimming achievements- as well as his trademark swim technique. As he details in his great book, “Man vs Ocean - One Man's Journey to Swim the World's Toughest Oceans”, it wasn’t an easy journey for Adam: He went out of his comfort zone to achieve his dreams and changed his life forever.

I was fortunate enough to meet Adam in Marmaris, Turkey, where I was participating in Aquamasters Swimming Championships and he was holding one of his annual swim camps. We talked about being out of the comfort zone as well as his swims. It was an inspirational chat, which I enjoyed tremendously. He is a pure inspiration for all of us. His journey was not easy but he never gave up and achieved his goals and realized his dreams. How?

First of all he controlled his mind:

One of the many barriers in marathon swimming and life is the mind-set. For example, most people say that the biggest barrier to swimming the English Channel successfully is not the physical pain, but the mental one. A common factor for people failing to complete an English Channel swim or similar challenges is that they find every reason in their heads to give up. Yet Adam flips mental state this around – he finds every reason possible to keep swimming and controlling his mind. Do you want to get more information?

Watch the full video - an inspiration chat with Deniz Kayadelen:

Read Adam´s book for further inspiration in your life!

A great review about his book:

You can find more info. about Adam in his web site:


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