Magic starts in the unknown!

A weekend with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Basel

I had the pleasure to attend the weekend retreat of Dr. Joe Dispenza in Basel. He is a neuroscience expert, the best-selling author of Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (2007) and Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (2012), both of which detail the neuroscience of change, epigenetics and quantum physics.

Many people have asked about my learnings and his main insights. I would like to share my inspiration with you and the main outcomes of these two days. Some insights will not new for you, I am sure you have heard some beforehand, but we forget these idea in our daily busy lives and get trapped in our unconscious bias, which dominates us 95% of the time. Our limiting beliefs are so deep in our operating system that it is hard to follow the positive future thinking mindset, and sometimes we forget the power of our inner sources.

So here is a short and important reminder for all of us:

  1. Magic starts in the unknown.

Surrender and let go. Miracle happens in the other side of the known. As I keep saying all the time - the unknown is out of comfort and feels unsecure, scary, unpredictable, but the magic and the unlimited opportunities are in the unknown, in the unlimited quantum field, which we can’t see or touch- but nonetheless feel if we open ourselves and our hearts.

2. How to became happy?

The answer is short and easy: Stop being unhappy. Stop feeling miserable.

Stop being a victim. You can’t blame others for your unhappiness.

Emotions keep you in the past, we remember more negative emotions most of the time. You don’t need anybody, anything to feel the wholeness in you. You can create and love your own future reality. You have the control of your mind and body, and can break your unconscious bias and operating system towards your future self.

Same feelings and thoughts lead to same choices, and same choices lead to same outputs. We are used to feeling miserable, and our brain is always going to the past, but you have the power to break this. Your unhappiness and your suffering are not caused by others. It is your choice who you want to be and how to feel.

3. Who is that person you want to be?

Do you have the inner space and courage for the unknown?

Who do you want to be in a zoom Meeting? Who do you want to be in your business? Who do you want to be in your private life? Who would you not like not to be?

4. How can you remember your future self? You can rehearse your future self and remember your future.

By overcoming yourself.. Overcoming your limiting beliefs, your limiting thoughts, your past and yourself in the comfort zone. Creativity starts when you first silence your brain.

Your body is objective and cannot differentiate between the reality and feelings coming from your imagination. Your emotions are your reality. Even if you are ill or have some handicap, you can become someone else. You have the inner power to leave your illness and became a new person.

5. Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.

We wake up automatically, check our phones, go to shower, go to work, have the same thoughts, the same feelings. We think about the past, think about our to dos. We are led 95% by of our automated operating system and wonder sometimes why we feel not happy or disconnected about our own body and mind.

We fill reality with our memory. Attitudes impact the perception, the perception the memory, and the memory becomes the reality.

6. How to feel the wholeness rather than to feel the lack of the gap between your current and future state? People who want joy experience lack of it.. People who want love experience lack of it.. People who wants success experience lack of it..

We are programmed to create our personal reality based on lack of feelings..

Our brain creates separation in three-dimensional world and feels absence.

For example, you see an expensive sports car, and you see the gap between your own reality (having a Golf) and the desire (having a Porsche). You see people with children or with a lots of money, compare yourself with them and feel separation. The brain focuses on the gap, and based on this feeling, you work harder, compete harder, put your energy into achieving more and more and more and invest your time, your energy and your power in this. And then, you see the next sports car, the next villa on the beach, the next dream family, the next level in the hierarchy and you work harder and harder in this hamster wheel to stop this feeling of lack and separation.