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Out of the comfort zone Day 1

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

I hate cold water but its time to unlock my inner barriers and fears and start to love cold water. I know its a challenge. I will swim with Emre Deliveli and our team in the English Channel in August 2019. The water will be about 15-16 degrees. For me its freezing. What we did today? We swam in 14.9 degrees water for 40 minutes! It was the first time that I swam in such a cold water. Thank you Emre for your motivation and believe in us. Its too important to believe and motivate each other in life. There are sparring partners in life with whom you can share the journey. So at the end - What happened? We are still alive and healthy! Of course we had the shakes (after a freezing swim session its normal) but at the end we were proud of us and felt really alive!


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