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Deniz - World Champion in Ice swimming Butterfly Samoens 2023

Out of Comfort Zone magic happened!

Believe - Train- Focus- Achieve

What an amazing event. A smile with lots of passion..

Summary of the Ice Swim World Championship in Samoens, France:

- 4 races in total

- 2 🥇in 50 & 100m Butterfly (age categ.)

- 2 🥉 in 100 & 250m Freestyle (age categ.)

- 41 countries attended

- 450 inspiring Swimmers worldwide

- Water temp: 4 degrees❄️

This time could enjoy it more and had less fear. Out of comfort zone we are in the growth zone and extending our comfort zone step by step by unlocking our potential.

It was incredible to feel the warmness of all those people who shared the same passion in the cold.

Why Ice Swimming? A short IISA Interview explaining my feelings at day 1:

Learning how to deal with discomfort and enjoying the moment despite challenges makes us stronger and more joyful🤗

Thank you Aminel for this great summary video of my 100m Butterfly and for the unique ice organization Ram Barkai. Hopefully it will be olimpic soon!!

100 Butterfly - Gold Medaille in 4 degrees of water in Samoens Day 1 - Ice Swim IISA World Championships:


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