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From Robben Island to Cape Town

Don´t be afraid of going out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Desire, Determination and taking risks despite the possibility to fail makes you stronger and pushes your growth zone.

Soo happy and proud to complete the Robben Island swim, the 6th toughest open water route in the world, from Robben Island to Cape Town in South Africa. Its though because of the freezing cold water and the wildlife incl. white great sharks. I swam 8km in 15 degrees of cold water with a shark protector on my leg and with Ryan Stramrood who completed this swim 107 times and will be the world record holder soon. The universe helped me to face this challenge and complete the swim.

I always was afraid of sharks and 90% of my environment wanted to stop me to face this challenge: " It is dangerous", Without cold training, it will be difficult", "there are sharks, are you crazy?" and further limiting statements. All those limiting believes effect our lives and I am using this swim experience as a metaphor. Don't listen to others especially their limiting believes. The more you face your own fears the more you feel free, powerful and resilient. This out of comfort zone experience helped me and proved me again, that I can do more than I think. I took the risk to fail. I couldn't train enough in the cold water and please don't try what I did. I prepared myself mentally. The day before the water temperature was around 12 degrees. After 25 minutes I went out and I had more than 30 minutes shakes. I had just the hope that the water getting warmer in the upcoming 24 hours. Luckily that was the case. Saturday morning we checked the water temperature and it was around 15 degrees. Than we decided to swim. The weather condition wasn't so great. There was no visibility, no sun. We couldn't even see the island. After knowing that the water temp. is 15 degrees I trust myself, Ryan, the crew and the process. I focused just on our goal and blocked all negative conditions and thoughts. The swim took us 2.28 h and I enjoyed every second. It was cold, yes. It was challenging yes. I cant explain the happiness when I saw a stand up paddling guy next to us. That was the moment where I believed that we are almost there. The misty weather didn't allowed us to sea the shore and the table mountain. I am proud to be the first Turkish woman who did the swim and tried the swim despite my fear and unsecure feelings.

In this process its also interesting to see how the universe helps you. Kumar my friend from Johannesburg supported me in this journey as well and was mentally there for me. Ryan swam with me, Monene gave me some valuable hints and swam with me the day before. All good things and people come together and at the end I had a happy end.

Always follow our passion. Your brain is your limit. Break your comfort zone and your limiting believes, expand your comfort zone, reduce your fear zone and explore yourself. You are more than you think!

Press News - Deniz Kayadelen the first Turkish woman who did the Robben Island swim:


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