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Imagine - Believe - Just Do It!

My first Ice Swimming with wet suit! What an amazing and challenging experience. That was definitely in my out of comfort zone. Its cold outside, its about -1 degrees and I imagine to go to the lake with friends and try to go into the cold freezing water, The waster temperature was about 4 degrees. Many people said don't do it. But my inner voice wanted to try it even if I had respect of it and was afraid. But my fear motivated me to do it on the other hand. What an interesting mind stage, right? Two weeks ago I couldn't imagine that, two days ago I started to ask myself what if I try, and today was the day. Happy to tried it. Respect to my friends who can do this without wet suit. But its always important to know your limits and have a step by step approach. Imagine - believe in yourself- JUST DO IT!


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