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Out of Comfort Zone Day 4

Its getting colder and colder, winter is coming and today is a windy day. Air temperature 4 degrees but sun is shining. I had the need to go again to the lake and feel the cold water. My body wanted to go again out of the comfort zone and feel this time a new experience. Because each time I go into the water its a new temperature and therefore a new feeling. I called my swim buddy and we went to the lake. It was cold, even with my jacket. But I wanted to try it again. Some coaches in the wake port area announced us officially " crazy", We measured the water temperature. It was 10 degrees. 2.5 degrees less than the last time. Oh my God I thought.. How can I do this this time? I started to concentrate myself no matter what other people think or say and walked step by step towards the water. When I felt the water it was really freezing I had many thoughts, fears in mind and tried to control those with a constant deep breath. Breath in and exhale and each time deeper and deeper the more I felt the cold water starting on my feed, than knee, than belly and hands, arms, shoulders and my face.. It was hard to breath in the cold water. My body had an extreme situation and I tried to keep calm and continue to breath in and exhale. At the end I could swim for 10 minutes. Wow.. When I went out I was happy to had this experience. I felt alive and proved to myself that many things are in our mind and we are able to control our mind, our body and making our soul happy.


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