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The time is coming: Dover Day 1

Today we arrived to Dover. It is so exciting to be here. Emre Deliveli will swim his solo probably on Thursday and our team "out of our comfort zone" on Friday. Between these two swims we will have only 3 hours sleep. We will be also in the solo boat to support him and swim partially with him. For sure, the hardest part will be for Emre who will swim approx. non stop more than 12 hours and than the relay with us.

We are staying in the Churchill Guest House . It is a lovely place near to the beach. We meet so many great people from Mexico, who will also cross the English Channel.

In the afternoon we went to the beach and trained for one hour. The water was abou t18 degrees cold. I had the chance to swim with the first Mexikan woman, who completed the Ocean Seven Nora Toledano. She was a great pace maker for me and we swam 4 km in 65 minutes. After our swim I used the chance to interview her. She is a great inspiration. Check this short video:

Our relay team "out of our comfort zone" Emre Deliveli, Raha Akhavan and Yasemin Ayse Bagana is looking forward to cross the channel on Friday! I will start in the night time about 3 am and than we have the following swim order: Raha, Yasemin, Emre. We will be 3-4 times in the water and swim for one hour each time.


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