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We are stronger than we think! Day 3

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Today it was the third time, that I swam in the cold water. Day by day its getting colder and each time when I am going to the lake its a new challenge a new feeling of coldness. That means its every time a harder step to go into this water. I had so much respect, Was nervous and was little bit afraid of the new further experience. I started to google videos about cold water trainings, I started with the Wim how breathing technique in order to feel more control of my body and more confidence. I did some mediation and focus myself of the cold water. I prepared myself mentally and physically with some breathing techniques. When I was today there and measured the water temperature. I thought oh my god?! Can I do this really? It was 12.5 degrees. Isn't it too risky for my heard and body? But than I said no I am strong and I have the control of my body. I took some deep breath and went into the water. I felt the pain first in my feeds and than when I was completely in my handy, in my head and it felt like my body is burning. Each cells of my body is burning. And I told to myself: Love this feeling! There is cold water and you are feeling this coldness. Love it and continue to swim with controlled breathings. Every three arms one breath one time left one time right. My eyes were first closed but I pushed myself to open my eyes to follow my swim mate and watch the nature behind me and try to keep awake and handle the coldness with control and positive feelings. After 1 km I wanted to continue. I felt that I cam getting slower, my body tries to keep warm and fights with the temperature distance. I swam further 500 meters. I felt so alive and happy. I felt relieved as well. I broke my inner barriers and fears again and now I am sitting in my warm living room drinking my hot tea and feeling still my endorphin hormones. We are stronger than we think. Many thinks are starting in our mind. Our inner believes, thoughts are formed from outside and our personality and most of the time we are living according to outside factors. Many people asked me: Are you crazy its, dangeorus don't do that! But why not? Its always a challenge to follow your own w passion and going your own way despite other opinions- without feeling out of balance. There is a nice speech: I am not afraid to die, I am afraid not to live. Follow your passion! You are stronger than you think!


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