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How to balance work and hobbies: Being a World Champion while working at EY

Here are some insights on how to pursue your passion alongside an eight-hour workday. You can organize and incorporate something into your daily routine if you genuinely want it. It's all about compromise, consistency, and persistence.

That's how I managed to develop my swimming career as well as my business career. Currently, I'm a Senior Manager at EY, leading the Talent Management Consulting in People Advisory Services with the focus topics change management, talent management, and the future of work. One of the valuable things I have learned on this journey is that many of the skills developed by going out of my comfort zone with swimming can be transferred to my work life.

In that matter, here are some hints about time and energy management:

Time management is all about prioritization and self-discipline. You need to set targets, have a clear vision, and work toward that target. If your priority is to sustain your hobby, something you're genuinely passionate about, alongside your work, certain sacrifices may be inevitable. For example, sacrifice things like going out with friends or doing other activities that will take time and energy from you. Once you establish these priorities, you can efficiently organize yourself and apply the necessary discipline to make it all work.

In addition, successful energy management requires a mindful approach to balancing your energy levels. The only way to keep going when you need it even though you are tired is to have regeneration time and pause during the day or week.

Often learned in sports, these principles can prove remarkably beneficial when integrated into your work life.

If you want to know more, I share my experience balancing sports and business with you in the video.


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